Tying a scientific, linguistic mentality to code.

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Hey there! I'm David Dales!

I'm a Front-End Web Developer based in Toronto.

Ever since I can remember, technology has been a highly influential part of my life. Fascinated with how digital technology works, I have often turned to computers as a way to improve real-life experiences, and as a versatile creative outlet. I take pride in creating projects that empower and inspire others in the same way that they have empowered and inspired myself.

I have dedicated much of my life to studying Mandarin, and as a result, I am pretty fluent and often write blog articles in the language. Recently, I have been translating technical blog posts for CSS, HTML, JS and jQuery.












Star Blaster

For this project, I wanted to make a video game where two people would play sitting beside each other. It’s more fun that way!

Game / HTML5 Canvas / JavaScript
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In this project, I wanted to teach people Geography in a new and interesting way. Speak into your mic to answer the quiz questions!

Google Maps APIs / JavaScript / Web Speech API
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Probe Tracker

This project was created to combine info from Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia to track deep space probes!

JavaScript / Wikipedia API / Wolfram Alpha API
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I Want a Chinese Tattoo

Chinese tattoos are awesome! But what if you don’t know Chinese? Now you can generate your own awesome tattoo!

JavaScript / SASS
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This is a site I put together based on a photoshop file. In this project, there is a particular focus on the mechanics of the responsiveness of the website.

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Oh Wow Ceramics

Who doesn’t love ceramics? And who doesn’t love buying local? This project uses the Etsy API to help you find ceramic products and artists in your area.

API / JavaScript / SASS
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